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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have been and am still on vacation (sort of)

I've been visiting my son in Virginia. There are a couple more weeks left.
It's been, shall we say, an adventure? A lesson? A reminder.

Reality came crashing in: I'm old.
3 kids- 6yr, almost 3yr and a baby. I often watch them so my son and wife can work around the house (they're getting ready to sell) or while they're at work, or running errands.
Long ago I had 3 kids. But I had a LOT more energy then.
I have to get down on the floor to change the baby and toddlers diapers; several times a day- and it takes quite a bit of twisting and turning and grunting and struggling to get back up again!
I'm sleeping in the 6yr olds bed. All my stuff is being kept in a small small area. I'm doing my best to keep eating within my own organic local parameters. But it is extremely difficult given the fact I have no vehicle, this is a small town, we are in VA not WA or OR. I'm starting to go just a smidge Crazy Grouchy Old Lady on them as I have had NO creative outlets or avenues. And when I don't create I get negative, unhappy and ...........bitchy.
Like I said- an adventure.