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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beginning Portraits Class- taught by Jami at The Art Department in Salem OR

I know I know... it's been a llooonnngggg time since I posted. I will try I PROMISE.
 these photos are from a class I just recently gave. very talented group!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Learning from Any/Every Source

I like to Learn.
Whenever I can.
From whatever Source I can.

I like to Observe/Look at All Kinds of Art, Nature, People.
If we Limit ourselves to only one Type/Kind/Philosophy/Idea
then we will Always be coming up with "The Same Stuff"

I receive newsletters in my personal box from:
Daily OM
Free Will Astrology
Christine Kane
Talent Smart
to name just a few.
Some are daily, some, weekly, some monthly.
Sometimes I get a great deal out of the post and sometimes I do not.
But they are a good source of the written word from which I can gather
Ideas and Information and Thoughts.

I  "like" numerous Artists pages on various subject matter on my Facebook Page .
Painters, Musicians, Collage, Photography, etc.
I enjoy going to sites like Demilked or BoredPanda
for more Visual Different/Interesting stimulation.

I go to the library and look through magazines and check out books
from a Wide Variety of Topics.

Fortunately or Unfortunately I also have this kind of SunRay Approach  to my Art.
I have yet to "settle" on a specific medium, theme/subject matter, type of Art.
So .....
I sew.
I paint.
I tinker.
I collage.
I draw.
I use fabric, paper ephemera, colored pencils, paint.
I work on paper, canvas, wood, textiles.
(when I had a MAC I also did computer driven work)

It can get/be over-whelming sometimes.

I am trying to follow The Buddhas words:

"Do One Thing Well."

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A few pieces of art by people I don't know... but I like...

Just some examples by artists whose work I enjoy, I came across today:

                                                                First: Dominique Fortin

Next : Susan Wallis:

Devorah Jacoby:

Sibylle Peretti:

Michael Cutlip: 

and one by Patricia Morris:

Thursday, December 31, 2015

sharpening pencils and a brief disclaimer on my posting habits

as always- a little slow on the uptake for me.
but in 2016 I apply for Social Security and in about 6 months- so June-ish- I may be caught up on bills and able to start saving and as a result I will have more time to devote to my blog and other pursuits.
in the meantime- sporadic blogging.

please enjoy this article by Thaneeya on sharpening pencils. quite enlightening actually.

I guess you have to copy and paste it.
Maybe that's a New Years RE-solution for me: learn how to do technical stuff like linking to this page so you don't have to copy and paste.
If you work with pencils it's worth the Copy and Paste

Friday, November 27, 2015

TOTALLY Right Brain at work....

There I was, trying to do computer work and I got totally distracted.
NOT an unusual occurrence.
However, what was I distracted by?
The Left-Right brain illustrations.
I was Right Braining when I should have been Left Braining.
So instead of fighting it I just went with it, and I ended up deciding
to do a class on Illustrating the Left/Right Brain.
Should be fun.
Here are some of the ones I found on line.

I did these two a long time ago.