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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Learning from Any/Every Source

I like to Learn.
Whenever I can.
From whatever Source I can.

I like to Observe/Look at All Kinds of Art, Nature, People.
If we Limit ourselves to only one Type/Kind/Philosophy/Idea
then we will Always be coming up with "The Same Stuff"

I receive newsletters in my personal box from:
Daily OM
Free Will Astrology
Christine Kane
Talent Smart
to name just a few.
Some are daily, some, weekly, some monthly.
Sometimes I get a great deal out of the post and sometimes I do not.
But they are a good source of the written word from which I can gather
Ideas and Information and Thoughts.

I  "like" numerous Artists pages on various subject matter on my Facebook Page .
Painters, Musicians, Collage, Photography, etc.
I enjoy going to sites like Demilked or BoredPanda
for more Visual Different/Interesting stimulation.

I go to the library and look through magazines and check out books
from a Wide Variety of Topics.

Fortunately or Unfortunately I also have this kind of SunRay Approach  to my Art.
I have yet to "settle" on a specific medium, theme/subject matter, type of Art.
So .....
I sew.
I paint.
I tinker.
I collage.
I draw.
I use fabric, paper ephemera, colored pencils, paint.
I work on paper, canvas, wood, textiles.
(when I had a MAC I also did computer driven work)

It can get/be over-whelming sometimes.

I am trying to follow The Buddhas words:

"Do One Thing Well."

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