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Monday, May 7, 2012

Begin Being YOU

We often try to be whomever Someone Else wants us to be. We do it out of Respect. We do it out of Fear. We do it with Love. We do it in Submission. We do it because it makes things easier. (we think)

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All my Life I tried to Be the Person other People wanted me to be. The Me I thought They thought I should be. The person my parents wanted, my church wanted, my school/teachers wanted, my spouse wanted. It took me over 50 years to finally Begin my path to become the Person I Wanted To Be.

And guess what? I am SO much Happier now.

When we use so much Energy struggling to not be ourselves- we put ourselves into a state of Constant Struggle. We wear away at our Inner Self- our True Self- our Authentic Self. And we spend our lives searching- but we don't know what we're searching FOR.
It's Time to Begin Being You.

"YOU are the One you are waiting for."

p.s. I found this fabulous art online and searched to discover who produced it but I do not know- if YOU do please let me know. Thanks.

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