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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beginning to get some work done (well sort of)

*I've been working at my regular job as usual.
*I've been watching my granddaughter, as per usual.
*The weather outside has been so entirely fabulous.
*My roommate daughter always wants to talk when I get home at night.
*I just got back from a 3 day trip to see my mom followed immediately by a 2 day all day all night watching of the aforementioned granddaughter.
*what else...?

ok.ok. It's no different than usual and I just have to re-assess, re-align, re-configure my schedule to accommodate getting some work done in the STUDIO!
One of my favorite things to read are Christine Kane's writings. One of the things she encourages people to do is to dive in and just work full time on your dream. Quit your day job. Get rid of all your excuses. (see first few lines of this post for mine. ha!) I guess I'm just not ready mentally or emotionally to completely shut myself off from the world.

If you visited the studio between First Wednesdays or classes it would at least LOOK like I'm working.
Sewing machine on the desk, ironing board and fabric on two card tables take up about half the room; stamping supplies all laid out on the big table, drawing paper and such on a card table, paint and a half finished painting on another card table.


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