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Thursday, April 10, 2014

after August no more shows

I may choose to enter a creation here or there occasionally in a group show- but I have decided that I am done with doing any one woman shows.  And markets/bazaars/fairs also.
The amount of work and time that goes into these is no longer viable. I want to keep my prices accessible and I just can't do that anymore with the cost of supplies and the huge amount of time involved.
here's an example:

1) create the art
*time- lots of it

2) frame the art

*look for frames (thrift stores garage sales)
*purchase glass for those found without
*clean frames and glass
*cut board to size for backing
*cut mat if needed
*insert art
*staple backing and art
*paper back
*wire for hanging

3) keep framed art secure and clean until hung

4) hang the art
*time- lots of it

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