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Thursday, October 2, 2014


I'm giving a 4 week Portrait Class at The Art Department in Salem Oregon.
This is a much more extensive class and will allow for students to learn the basics, build on those skills, and work on a drawing of someone they know personally.

any questions about the class itself, supply list etc. as well as to sign up- call The Art Department at 503- 364-7465
otherwise contact me here.

Class description and dates:
Jami Moffett
October 13 - November 3, Mondays, 4 weeks, 6-8pm
Join Jami in this 4 week comprehensive study of the face. This class will contain information to help you define your skills, strengthen your powers of observation and learn to recreate photographic references of the face "parts" (eyes, ears, lips, hair) as well as the face as a whole. Students will gain knowledge and experience to reproduce a likeness. You will learn the importance of light and shadow, correct proportions, blending and shading. Learn to use the various degrees of graphite pencils, charcoal and other accompanying tools.

Below you will find examples by me. Scroll down farther and find a few student examples from the one day workshops.

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