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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Open Door Day

first day open at the studio...
I pulled my usual:
camera there.. then forgot to take pictures.

got a few photos, but when it got busy (and it did get busy-yay)
then I was socializing and failed to take pics.
I didn't even get a pic of Valentine who has been SO supportive all this month
and she brought good eats and flowers...
Kate brought flowers too and I have no pic of her either!
and THEN I said I'd be open until 9:00 but due to the early arrival of my Little Visitor
I ended up leaving too soon and missed Autumn and Andrew who have been SO helpful.
sorry guys.
my Little Visitor

however I think it was a success. brought attention to people who didn't know I was there before.
people who have been "watching" the progression on facebook got to see it .
I was pleased with how much I got done, although there is still more to go.

now I can concentrate on creating and giving classes so others can create!!
see previous post for classes already in place:
Creativity Journals/ Journey Journals on Sunday evenings
FREE Open Studio (work on your own) and Individual Instruction on Monday evenings

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