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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1 : A Drawing- A Quote- A Task- A Page- A Post

Day 1:
Each Day in 2014, Rain or Shine, Busy or Not, I Seek to Do Each of these:
A Drawing- A Quote- A Task- A Page- A Post

A Drawing:  Something. Anything. A Doodle. A Drawing.
                     Just Something Creative.
A Quote:      Inspiration: to Keep me Going.
A Task:        Complete Something: Housework. Phone Call. Letter Written.
                     Just Something Completed.
A Page:        Pages in a Journal: Reflective Words. Affirmations. Artists Entry.
A Post:         Here on Begin Being.

Day 1:

A Drawing:                                                        
AJ- 3 year old pistol of a granddaughter during a quiet moment

A Quote:
“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” 
Carl Bard

A Task: 
My Completed Task for today was making a sizeable Dent in the Clean-up and Organization of my living/work space.
I have decided that , instead of concentrating on what I DIDN'T get done by end of day, I will instead, look at what I DID complete. Having this ( A Task) as one of my Daily Items will help me to Focus on this more Positive Outlook- the Completion of Things.

A Page: 
This time it was the completion of a Page in my Affirmation Journal.

A Post:
My drawing for today was also a Follow-Through. A Finish. A Completion.
It is a Christmas Present that was not completed on time.
Not all my Daily Drawings will be this Detailed or Complex. Some may just be a quick line drawing. But of the 5 Items I have given myself to Do Daily- I am the most excited about this one.
2013 was Sadly Lacking in Creativity.
Being Creative gives me Energy.
I am Excited for this Venture.


  1. I am also doing a piece of art per day for 2014! I will be posting on my blog about it. Let's be art buddies (instead of workout buddies) and we can try and keep us motivated this next year! Art EVERYDAY! We can do it!