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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15- one of these days

Day 15- in, like, 3 days I think, I'm gonna have a day off. I won't be sick anymore. I'll have time and energy. and I can do a DRAWING again. something with substance. I am really looking forward to that!
A Drawing:

A Quote:
"If we're always guided by other peoples thoughts, what's the point of having our own?"
Mrs. Erlynne

A Task:
started putting together a sketchbook.
watercolor paper cut and holes punched-
cover is an encyclopedia that already had a great post set up.
I have some posts floating about, I just need to find them.
and then I'll want to decorate the cover somehow...

A Page:
I really needed to do this page because I'm stressing about being sick for so long and working more than normal and not having time to actually DRAW. I am not paying ANY attention to the whole point of doing all this in the first place. sheesh.

A Post: There will come a time when I am glad I pushed thorugh and kept doing this.

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