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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 11 and 12

This "sickness" is getting quite annoying. Can't seem to fully recover because I can't just stay home and sleep. I ate real food today though. That was pretty exciting. We'll see what my body thinks of it tomorrow!

Day 11:
Drawing: little sketches of what's in front of me as I work.

Day 12:
Creative Effort: a few quick simple necklaces

Day 11:
Task: Housework
Day 12:
Task: put together items I have made in the past- Art, Jewelry, Boho clothing and sold quite a bit to one of my daughters friends who is opening a store in Seattle. ABle to clear out some inventory to make way for new items. soon. but not now while I'm sick and not until I have completely finished all my 2013 endeavors.

Day 11 and Day 12 Quote- Steps 5 and 6 of Christine Kane's 9 Simple Solutions for Procrastinators:
#5: Define Qualities: You don't have to do it all now-
Define your goal and break it into smaller goals- then acknowledge it's completion.
#6: Install this System Upgrade into your Mental Hard drive: Less Is More.
Have FEWER goals- have no more than 3 priorities per week.
You don't have to Do It All.
And you don't have to Do It All NOW.

Day 11 and Day 12: Mash Up Post
Christine Kane has an excellent way of talking about things that so many Motivational Speakers, Self-Help Books, Life Coaches do not. She touches on things that others sweep under the rug, or expect you to miraculously overcome with their product-book-inspiration-whatever.
Like Procrastination: I have loved this article I've been quoting and for years I have held onto it and read it often.
My Problem with FollowThrough and Finishing is most definitely tied to Procrastination. I put it off and put it off because if I don't start it then I don't have to face the fact that maybe I'm no good at it, maybe I'll fail, maybe no one will like  my work, maybe no one will like ME.
So by Do It Now- Do It One Little Bit at a Time, agree that it's ok to Do It Badly... all of that, is so helpful.
Once I've posted all 9 Steps then I'll post her whole article.
Thanks for visiting my little blog.
All 18 of you.

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