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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 16- a tweak

while I will still be holding myself accountable for accomplishing a task a day, I am no longer going to list it. just seems kind of redundant. unnecessary.

Day 16:
A Drawing:

white and grey color pencils on black stonehenge paper. still needs a little tweaking. but I ran out of time and energy. will have to complete tomorrow.

A Page:

A Quote:
9th Solution for Procrastinators by Christine Kane.
tomorrow I'll link to the whole thing.
"Don't Ask how you "FEEL" about doing the Activity.
Change your Pattern.
Make a Decision.
Do It!"

A Post:
This is SO HARD for me to do.
I remember back in college, my art teacher telling us (when we were wee babes of 18.19 yrs old) that we needed to draw, paint , create whether we felt like it or not. Don't wait for the "mood" to strike. I just could not understand how he could ask us to do that. If I tried to do anything , but I wasn't inspired, I hated whatever I produced and I would just rip it up.
I still do that.
I am doing THIS- this 365 project- to try and break me of exactly that.

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  1. It must be something in the air...I am feeling the same way. Just uninspired. I just played catch up on my blog but it is hard for me to create and post something every day. Time just seems to slip away and before I know it, it is time for bed. Maybe we should just post "the best of" every weekend. Although I have been going to two weeks of uninspired moods. I hope things get better for you and you feel your best soon.