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Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6 - still not well but I will be

Day 6:
A Post:
Starting with the post today by way of explanation.
I am a Procrastinator.
I am not proud of this fact.
I am hoping that, by posting every day in 2014- by having a Goal and sticking to it, then perhaps
by 2015 (which btw is a scary thing to say 2015- sounds so sci-fi) perhaps by 2015 I will have developed a more Positive Habit and will be better at following through. Because that's my Word for 2014 - Follow-Through.
Because I am still not feeling well, my tendency is to cancel for today.
Not gonna let myself do it.
Because once I do it once, I will find all kinds of excuses to do it again.

A Quote:
So for the Next 9 Days I am going to quote one "Solution" from Chrisine Kane's "Nine Simple Solutions For Procrastinators"
*1- When you get an idea so some little thing to begin.
       Got an Idea?
       Begin It Now.

A Page:

start on the right- that black is 2013- the rose represents my desire to blossom in 2014.
Art. Every Day.
Circle represents the fact that All of Life is a Circle. Birth to Death. and all that fits in between.

A Task:
Finished sending out the Letters I started on Dec. 26th.

A Collage:
Maybe I should change this from A Drawing to a Creative Effort, because it's not always gonna be a Drawing. Those take hours. I don't always have hours to spare in a day.

"Put A Bird On It"

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