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Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10 : 10 minutes to midnight- may not make it on the 10th

ha! another late listing... ah well. such is life.

Day 10:
A Drawing
2 actually.
Fiddling around with single line work.

Each portrait is one continuous line. not that easy!

A Quote:
#4 of the Simple Solutions for Procrastinators
Commit Out Loud.
Call a friend and say something you're going to do and then do it.
Call again when you're done so they can congratulate you.

A Post:
This is actually what I'm trying to do by having my Daily Challenge here on Begin Being.
I committed to it. I'm posting it. I'm hoping people will keep me accountable.

A Page:
Something REALLY simple. But a Good Message.

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