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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9: Wabi Sabi

Day 9:

A Quote:
#3 of Christine Kane's 9 Simple Solutions for Procrastinators:
Agree to do it badly. Get over Perfectionism and Fear.
Set a Goal to do it badly.
Set a Goal to show up.
Let Go of Doing It ALL, or Doing It Well.

A Post:
This number in the set REALLY hits a chord with me.
If I don't like it- I rip it up- sometimes never starting over.
I put it off- so that I don't ever have to be disappointed.
That's the biggest reason why I am doing these daily posts.
My word(s) for this year are FOLLOW-THROUGH and Finish.
I need to accept the Wabi-Sabi of it all-

Just last night someone said to me "My whole LIFE is Wabi-Sabi."
yep. me too.

A Task:
definitely wabi-sabi-esque- housework- done badly, and incomplete.

A Page:
Affirmation Journal

A Drawing:
sketch done previously
but tweaked tonight

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