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Friday, January 3, 2014

Day2- all those other things plus stuff

Day 2:
(ok technically it's Day 3 cuz it's after midnight but my circadian rhythm does not do well with mornings. I stay up. )

A Drawing- 
not as fancy schmancy as yesterday- but then I worked today:

In our every day lives we wear many masks. 
Some we wear on purpose, others we are unaware that we have chosen to wear.
This is a quick sketch with a painting or collage in mind.

And here is a quick collage with a painting in mind: 

I'm thinking I'd like to do something about the conflict between our adult self and our child self. 
Not sure where this is going yet.

A Quote- 
"When I Let Go of what I Am, I Become what I Might Be.
When I Let Go of what I Have, I Receive what I Need." 
Tao Te Ching

A Task- 
well, again today I did not get accomplished what I had on my list... but I did get things packaged up to ship out . Just couldn't make it to the Post Office because of work. So tomorrow for that task.
I was also able to write an email that had been postponed far too long, and had an hour long phone call conversation.
On the days that I work I do not get as much done as I'd like. But that's ok. Because I worked.
I need to learn to be kind to myself.

A Page- 
Not a detailed page. I have these little notebooks in which I write down and collage and sketch all manner of things (including quotes and task lists and sketches for future work) I think I have about 35 by now. Been filling them up for years and years. Here's a quick sketch for a painting or collage or both- mixed media-idea. Maybe a series...

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